The Process

Companies may request a Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) to support selling their product(s) in other states or countries. Certificate requests are administered by the Regulatory Services division for Food/Dairy and Vitamin Supplements or the Plant Industry division for Animal Feed and Fertilizers. Each CFS request is subject to review for licensing, inspection, product registration, product claims, and establishment verification. The verification process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to complete. UDAF reserves the right to reject a CFS request based upon any of the aforementioned criteria or delinquency payments.

Certificates are $30.00 each and per copy. Companies have the option to pay for certificates online by card or echeck, or they can pay in person at the main UDAF office (see address below). Approved and paid for certificates can be shipped at the customer's expense or picked up in person. Each CFS will be signed and dated by the Division Director or appointee and an authorized notary, sealed, and stamped.

To view the status of your request please visit and log into your account or click "Verify a Certificate of Free Sale" and enter your request number.


Who can request a Certificate of Free Sale?

Inspected, registered companies and their direct approved employees may request certificates. Third parties may not request certificates.

How do I make a CFS request?

Registered companies with UDAF can sign in with their customer number and/or license number and pin. After signing in the customer will be able to request new certificates, monitor pending certificates, and review past certificates.

How do I register with UDAF?

Please contact our office and we will give you the contact information for your location's inspector. Once the facility has passed inspection you will be able to pay for registration. Contact information is at the bottom of the screen.

How do I recover my customer or license number?

Please refer to your License or Certificate of Registration or call our office. Contact information is at the bottom of the screen.

How do I recover my pin?

To recover your pin, on the homepage click "Manage and Request Certificates" and enter your customer number or license number then click "Forgot Pin" and your pin will be emailed to the email address tied to your UDAF company profile.

How do I update my company's name, address, and/or contact information?

To submit a change of information please visit Log in with your customer number and pin, then request the necessary changes.

What kinds of products can be put on my certificates?

Food, Dairy, and Dietary Supplement products can be put on certificates. Absolutely no cosmetic products are approved for certificates. If requests are submitted with cosmetics they will be rejected with no refund. (Our department currently does not inspect cosmetic production therefore no certificates of inspection can be issued.)

Where can I obtain a certificate for cosmetic products?

Please visit the FDA website for cosmetic certificates

Do you offer Phyto certificates on this website?

At this time we are not offering phyto certificates through this web application. If you need a phyto certificate please contact us through the information at the bottom of the screen.

The state or country I am selling my product to has very specific requirements that I need included in my CFS, is it possible for my CFS to include these requirements?

As part of the request process there is a place to include "special instructions", use this area to communicate your specific need. However, UDAF does not guarantee that we can honor your request and it may be in your best interest to opt to pay in person.

How can I have my certificate(s) shipped to me?

For each order there will be the option to have the certificate(s) shipped to you. You can select between FedEx or US Postal Service shipping. If you select FedEx the UDAF staff will contact you to apply the shipping costs to your existing FedEx account. If you select USPS flat rate shipping costs will be applied to your order.

I will be ordering several certificates at once (not just copies of a single certificate) and would like all of the orders sent USPS to me, do I have to pay for shipping on each order or can I bundle the payment or shipping?

Please contact our office to coordinate. Contact information is at the bottom of the screen.

How do I pick up or pay for my certificate in person?

After submitting your CFS request you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you provided in the contact information portion of the request. Verify that your certificate has been issued and is ready to pick up by logging in and reviewing your request on the "My Certificates" page. Print and bring the email that was sent to the UDAF main office to pay or pick up your order in person, address at the bottom of the screen. Please note there will be one email per order.

I need a CFS in a language other than English, is this possible?

Please contact our office to inquire. Contact information is at the bottom of the screen.

My CFS request status is "Awaiting Info", what do I need to do?

Please contact our office to inquire. Contact information is at the bottom of the screen.

How do I validate a company's CFS?

The company should be able to provide you a CFS number. On the homepage click "Verify a Certificate of Free Sale" and enter in the CFS number. Valid CFS numbers will return a certificate status and some but not all certificate details. If you doubt the authenticity of a CFS please contact our offices at the contact information below.

Contact Information

Please contact the Regulatory Services Division at 801-982-2252
Please contact the Animal Feed and Fertilizer Division at 801-538-7123

  • Utah Department of Agriculture and Food:
  • Main Office 801-982-2200
  • 4315 S 2700 W
  • TSOB South Bldg, Floor 2
  • Taylorsville, UT 84129-2128
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